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With all the choices available to help heal what ails you, how does one choose what to take?  Regardless of the homeopathic remedy, there are five obvious benefits to choosing homeopathy over other options to help heal your acute or chronic conditions.

1.  Homeopathy is Fast

Once you have chosen a homeopathic remedy, you will recover much more quickly than without one, or with other options.  I recall, when I was still a student in homeopathy school over twenty years ago, my husband got sick with vomiting.  It was so intense that just moving in bed would cause him to throw up.

After trying Bryonia, which is known for being worse from motion, and getting no response, I had him take a dose of homeopathic Ipecac. Some of you may know that Syrup of Ipecac was formerly used to induce vomiting in the case of ingesting something poisonous, where indicated.  So it makes sense that it would cover really intense symptoms.

After three hours of intense vomiting, nausea, and feeling as bad as he ever remembered feeling, he was down in the kitchen looking for food, only twenty minutes after a single dose of homeopathic Ipecachuana 30x.

I could list countless chronic symptoms that have improved rapidly when clients have exhausted all their other options, and finally decide to try homeopathy.  For example, I once helped a grandmother who had a lifelong itchy rash all over her body, which made better by really hot water.  One 30c dose of a remedy appropriate for her symptom picture and it was gone, never to return even two years later.

2.  Homeopathic Remedies are Non-Toxic

One sign of someone who has had too many pharmaceuticals is a fatty liver. All medications have to be eliminated from the body by either the liver (through the bile), or the kidneys (through the urine). Taking too many medications are hard on the liver and kidneys and those organs often need to be tested for functioning on a periodic basis.

This will not happen for someone who has mostly been using homeopathy.

Although some remedies are made from toxic substances, the way they are prepared makes them safe and non-toxic.  The process of making a homeopathic remedy results in them being energetic doses, with only the essence of the substance remaining.

They don’t have to be eliminated from the body by organs of elimination.

You might wonder why eliminating toxins is important.  Afterall, our kidneys and liver are there for a reason, why not use them?

Our environment is much more toxic than it was in our grandparent’s day, and too many toxins in the body can cause epigenetic changes to our body, resulting in disease.  Epigenetic changes don’t change genes, but they do change how they are expressed.  This can be passed onto our children and grandchildren in the form of any number of diseases, but most especially cancer.

(On a related note, homeopathic remedies have been shown in the laboratory to reverse epigenetic changes to cells, reversing susceptibility to disease.  But that is another blog post for another day.)

3.  Homeopathic Remedies Are Chosen To Match Your Symptoms

One of the most common complaints I hear is that there are too few options in western medicine. Pharmaceuticals cause side effects, and people don’t like to take them.  In homeopathy, there are many options because the remedies treat people, not disease.

If five people with the same western medicine diagnosis come to see the homeopath, in all likelihood, they will not need the same remedy, especially for chronic illness.  A remedy that matches the clients symptoms on the mental, emotional and physical levels is chosen and if it matches the symptoms of the client, it will help the body heal itself.  However, because diagnosis does not equal prescription in homeopathy, you will get a remedy that suits you.  Homeopathy = customized medicine.

4.  Homeopathic Remedies are Inexpensive

In the US, it is mostly true that natural substances cannot be patented.  That makes homeopathic remedies really inexpensive.  Honestly, if you knew how to make remedies, you could make your own, start to finish, in your kitchen.  This is not true of nutritional supplements or pharmaceuticals.  The costs can escalate quickly.

Another way that homeopathy is inexpensive is that one remedy can heal what ails you.  All of your symptoms are contained in one package, i.e., your body.  They are all related, so it stands to reason that one remedy at a time will help heal the symptoms.

Because there are not side effects either, you will not find yourself having to take extra remedies to deal with the side effects of the first one.  If you are not satisfied with the first one, you would switch to another.  You wouldn’t take several at one time.  Thus, you keep the costs down.

5.  Well-Chosen Homeopathic Remedies are Non-Suppressive

This is probably the most important benefit, but not realized as quickly as the others. Suppression can cause more dis-ease which leads to deeper disease.  A quick search through the homeopathic repertory (which is an index of symptoms and what remedies are known to help people who have them) shows the word “suppressed” 1001 times. (For real.)  That means this is a VERY important concept in homeopathy.

Carnival Goers play Whack-a-Mole!

Suppressed dis-ease can lead to the epigenetic changes mentioned above in benefit #2.  It can also cause new symptoms to appear.  Suppression is like a giant game of Whack-A-Mole.  The symptoms disappear in one spot, but new ones reappear in another.

I recall a client who came to see me to get help with her asthma.  A remedy was selected and she took it.  About a week into taking the remedy, she called me. She wondered why some warts that she used to have on her finger reappeared after taking the remedy.  She hadn’t mentioned the warts, but I wasn’t surprised to hear that this had occurred.  I assured her that with continued care, the warts would disappear again.  Having old symptoms reappear to be healed properly is very common in homeopathy.

Before we ended the call, I asked her how her asthma was.  It was gone.  In one week. (See benefit #1.) She was happy to have the warts instead.  Eventually I changed her remedy to a more potent dose and the warts disappeared for good as well.  No more Whack-A-Mole for her.

How to Get Those Homeopathic Benefits

There are many, many other benefits to using homeopathy and homeopathic remedies.  If you would like to experience those benefits yourself, schedule a complementary consult and we can discuss how homeopathy can help you!

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