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I will confess, I spend so much time learning about homeopathy from professional books, that I don’t always read a lot of health-related books during my free time. I am a bit of the mindset that I don’t always want to do mental work when I am not “working”. But I have read a few recently and I wanted to share them with you.  Some of them are new.  Others are old.  But still good summer reading.

Physical Health:

Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes

Gary Taubes has quite a long list of books he has written related to diet.  If any book will convince you to stop eating sugar, this is the one.  It did for me!  Sugar is the enemy for sure.  In addition to telling us exactly what is going on in our bodies that create more fat cells, he also debunks diet related myths.

For example, did you know that there is zero evidence that exercise helps you lose weight? It’s true!

Another interesting tidbit from the book.  Have you ever heard anyone say something like, “If I even look at that chocolate cake I will gain weight!”?  Well, it too is true.  Read this book and learn why.

He wrote a couple different versions of this book, one with more detail.  The version I read is for those who want less detail (me).  Still, it is chalk full of research supporting everything he says.

Mental Health:

Boundary Bossby Terri Cole, MSW, LCSW

Ms. Cole, a licensed psychotherapist, has developed a list of Boundary Types and Boundary Styles.  Boundary Types include Rigid, Porous and Healthy.  If you want to know what the Boundary Styles are, go to her website at www.boundaryquiz.com. That quiz alone, and her free downloads, are helpful.

She largely works with women, but her work applies to everyone.  If you feel like you aren’t heard or seen or are obligated to say “Yes” all the time, this book applies to you. If you feel like you get push back every time you exercise your boundaries, this book applies to you.  It is definitely a How-To book with exercises for each chapter that tells you how to be your own Boundary Boss.

This book relates to homeopathy in that a good remedy will make it easier to develop and exercise healthy boundaries. The underlying beliefs we have that keep us with unhealthy boundaries tend to disappear, as if they were a dream, with a well-chosen remedy.

Novels About Homeopathy:

The Law of Similars by Chris Bohjalian

This is a novel which was published in 2002.  It is still a great, rapid summer read.  Chris Bohjalian writes books about reasonable people, as opposed to books focused on crazy people that seem to be so popular now days.  His characters run into obstacles while trying to do good in the world.  This book is no exception.

The Law of Similars is what homeopathy is about and this book is about a homeopath and her client.  The Client doesn’t follow the homeopath’s instructions and the story continues from there.

This book is still available on Amazon for the Kindle, and also Thriftbooks.com for a huge discount. You could also check out your local bookseller and see if they can order it for you.

Movies About Homeopathy:

Magic Pillsby Ananda More

In a slight weave off the book recommending list, check out this movie available to rent on Amazon.  This book tells the story of homeopathy, how it can heal people and attempts to suppress it in the world of medicine.  It includes interviews with real people who have had success with homeopathy.

You can watch a trailer for the movie here. 

Books on Homeopathic Philosophy

Homeopathy for Today’s World: Discovering Your Animal, Mineral or Plant Natureby Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Dr. Sankaran is one of the world’s most renowned homeopaths.  He has identified and developed patterns of remedies in various plant, mineral and animal families.  There is likely not a classical homeopath who has not heard of him or studied his material.

This book is written for the general public to get an idea about homeopathy, what it is about and how to discover more about your own nature.  This can help yourself in your life or help you better help your homeopath.

This was published in 2011, but there is no better book of interest to a person wanting to know more about what this mysterious thing called homeopathy is. It is available for Kindle or in paperback.

What Next?

Unless you are super fast reader, that should get you through part of the summer. If you read something that sparks a desire to improve your health even more, schedule a complementary consult and we can chat to see if homeopathy can help you!

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