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I hope you enjoy reading this blog about classical homeopathy.  Many of the topics were suggested by clients or people who read my Facebook page.  Others are topics about which you didn’t even know you had questions.  Some articles are about homeopathy in general, while others offer suggestions about some acute pathologies that come around from time to time.  

I hope you find it enjoyable and helpful!  If you feel like you would like to pursue homeopathy as a healing modality that will work for you, please click the BookNow button and schedule your Complimentary Consult or Initial Consult today.

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PTSD, Agoraphobia & Homeopathy

Does the idea of going to the mall cause you to shake and break out in sweat? Does riding the train or an airplane cause panic? These are all signs of Agoraphobia, which is a major symptom in PTSD. According to the Mayo Clinic, Agoraphobia is “…a type of anxiety...

Homeopathy Helps You Lean Into The Pain

When someone hurts us, whether it is an insult hurled at us or someone cheats in their marriage, or a parent tells you that you are worthless, the first thing our brain does is make up a story about it. "They don’t respect me," which can morph into “I am not respect...

Yes, You Can Recover From PTSD and CPTSD

It is really common to hear people talk about their illnesses, whether it is PTSD or something else.  It seems to be the topic du jour almost any place you go.  It often goes something like this: I can’t do anything about it. My doctor says there is no cure, so I just...

Homeopathy vs. Therapy: What’s the Difference?

  There is a saying in the world of therapy that “insight is the booby prize of therapy.”  This means, of course, that now that you have insight, what are you going to do about it. Sometimes it just makes you angry! Or sad. Well, Insight is the prize of...


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