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I hope you enjoy reading this blog about classical homeopathy.  Many of the topics were suggested by clients or people who read my Facebook page.  Others are topics about which you didn’t even know you had questions.  Some articles are about homeopathy in general, while others offer suggestions about some acute pathologies that come around from time to time.  

I hope you find it enjoyable and helpful!  If you feel like you would like to pursue homeopathy as a healing modality that will work for you, please click the BookNow button and schedule your Complimentary Consult or Initial Consult today.

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Homeopathic Remedies for Fear & Anxiety During CoVid 19

How are you holding up being “Sheltered In Place” or “Self-Quarantined”? Does it make you feel safer?  If so, are you anxious for yourself or are you anxious for your family? Are you feeling bored? I mean really, how many long walks can someone take? Does it make you...

Word of the Year 2020

Many people try to make New Year’s resolutions each year.  By the end of January, they can’t remember what they were. The last several years, I have chosen a word of the year and focused on that rather than making New Year’s Resolutions. It is like setting your...

Homeopathy, PTSD & Veteran’s Day

This was written with the intention of posting on Veteran's Day.  Unfortunately, I was having technical difficulties, so it didn't get published.  Mercury is in retrograde.... Today is Veteran’s Day, 2019. You may have noticed a number of ways Veteran’s have been...


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